Coptic Studies at Macquarie University

Macquarie University offers two dedicated degrees in Coptic Studies: the Master of Arts and the Postgraduate Certificate in Coptic Studies. A variety of other study options are available for postgraduate, undergraduate and research students (including obtaining a PhD in Coptic Studies). What makes this program even more exceptional is that it can be completed entirely online! All degress and study options are available online both to students Australia-wide and to international students.

Coptic Studies Council

The Council for Coptic Studies at the Claremont Graduate University School of Religion was established to promote through research, teaching, and publication a deeper understanding of the Coptic religious experience. In all of its efforts the Council strives to foster opportunities for exploration of the great scope and promise of Coptic studies as a realm of academic endeavour.


St Shenouda Coptic Society

This Society’s website contains a most impressive collection of all things Coptic! From manuscripts, symposium news to learning Coptic, this site is a one-stop-shop for all scholars as well as those interested in Coptic Studies.


St Mark’s Foundation for Coptic History Studies

This foundation was established for the purpose of researching and documenting Coptic history. The website provides information on the foundation’s symposiums, publications and projects.

International Association for Coptic Studies

The Association is a non-profit organization designed to encourage and contribute to the progress of all aspects of Coptic Studies. It promotes international cooperation among individuals as well as among organizations and institutions. It advances the dissemination of information about work in progress, new discoveries and new results, organize periodic Congresses on Coptic Studies, facilitate full access to and the rapid publication of source materials, identify priorities for research at a given time, bring to the attention of younger scholars the whole range of Coptic Studies



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