The word ‘Orthodox’ is derived from two Greek words: ‘orthos’ meaning "right", "true", "straight", and ‘doxa’ meaning "praise", “glorification”. Therefore, Orthodoxy can be defined as ‘the right way of glorifying God’ as well as ‘Celebrating the True faith’.

The most prominent characteristics of Orthodoxy are its rich liturgical life and its faithfulness to the apostolic tradition that has been preserved in its fullness.

Orthodoxy is not only right faith, but a life that agrees with this faith according to the divine teachings of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ who said to His disciples: "The words that I speak to you are spirit and life" (John 6: 63).

The Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the “Oriental Orthodox” churches; those who are non-Chalcedonian Christians, as opposed to Christians of the Eastern Orthodox Church, who accept the Council of Chalcedon and generally worship according to the Byzantine Rite. The Oriental Orthodox churches consist of the Coptic Orthodox church, Ethiopian Orthodox church, Syrian Orthodox church, Armenian Orthodox church and Indian Orthodox church. These churches recognise only the first three of the Ecumenical Councils: Nicea, Ephesus and Constantinople.