The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria is the Christian church of Egypt, established by St Mark the Evangelist around 55 AD.

It constitutes the largest Christian denomination in the Middle East, and together with Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch and Constantinople, Alexandria is one of the oldest and greatest of the 5 ancient apostolic Sees. The Copts pride themselves on the apostolicity of their national church, as well as being the indigenous people of Egypt and hence the direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians.

Egyptian civilisation began more than three thousand years before Jesus Christ, and was blessed by God in ancient times when He said: ‘Blessed is Egypt My people’ (Isaiah 19:25), and again, ‘There will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt’ (Isaiah 19:19). Indeed this prophecy was fulfilled through Christianity entering Egypt in the first century A.D and upon the Holy Family sojourning in Egypt during Christ’s infancy (Matthew 2:13-15); hence blessing many places throughout the country which today have become churches and monastic sites of pilgrimage and great veneration.