We know from the ‘Life of Antony’ that our great hermit, when he ventured into this wilderness to seek greater seclusion, discovered a natural cave in the mountain and loved it and hence made it his home for the remaining 43 years of his life.

Today, as in time past, this cave within which St Antony dwelt, is the life force and heart beat of the Monastery, and in which liturgy is celebrated daily, and thousands of pilgrims each year journey to for spiritual nourishment and contemplation.

St Antony’s cave is located about 276 metres above the Monastery. It comprises 3 parts: the terrace, the tunnel, and the cave. The narrow tunnel connects the outer terrace – where one can imagine St Antony would sit and weave his palm leave baskets – and the inner cave where he once dwelt is now converted into a small chapel in which liturgies are celebrated daily.