Born in Egypt in 1735 and died in 1826. He was appointed Bishop of Girga and Akhmim in Upper Egypt. Known as ‘al abahh’ which is Arabic for ‘of the hoarse voice’, due to the fact that he gave many sermons and speeches on Orthodoxy to the point that his voice became hoarse.

Prior to his episcopacy, he was a monk at St Antony’s Monastery and one of the most outstanding theologians and apologists of his time. He was a prolific author and wrote more than 31 expositions on the doctrines of the Coptic Church.

To this day, his body is complete and has not decayed. His body rests in a glass feretory located in the Church of the Holy Apostles in the Monastery of St Antony. Feast day: 24 January. - The Incorrupt Body of the Bishop St Yousaab El-Abaah from Erkohet on Vimeo.