Born in Egypt in 1910 and died in St Antony’s Monastery in 1976. An extraordinary contemporary saint known as ‘the silent monk’, who lived his monastic life within St Antony’s Monastery. He was known for his strict asceticism, silence and gentleness, and many miracles are attributed to him. When His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, the present patriarch of the Coptic Church, saw Father Yostos at the Monastery of St Antony in the mid 1970’s, he said: “Father Yostos reminded me of what I read of monks who lived in the first few centuries of monasticism, and even during the time of St Antony himself… In Father Yostos the full meaning of monk can be found.” Father Yostos’ relics rest in the passageway between the ancient Church of St Antony the Great and the Church of the Holy Apostles.

His life story and miracles have been documented in a book produced by the Monastery entitled 'The Garden of Abba Antony'.