Respect for the Monastery Environment

Those visiting the Monastery and all those attending church services must observe the order of the Monastery.

Visitors must be properly attired to enter the Monastery grounds by wearing modest clothing. Please wear practical and comfortable flat shoes while at the Monastery as it is desert terrain and the pathways are of rough stone.

Due to the sanctity of this holy place we kindly ask that you respect the quiet and solitude of the Monastery while on the grounds.

There are many areas on the external grounds of the Monastery – that are away from the monastic cells and churches – that can be used to sit or to talk quietly. Loud talking and laughing are inappropriate.

Smoking anywhere within the holy grounds is strictly forbidden.

Children should not roam freely, but remain under parental supervision at all times.

Photographs (including videos) may be taken of the buildings, the grounds and inside the Churches – please note that only photography without flash is permitted inside the Monastery’s churches.

Prior to entering any of the Monastery’s holy Churches, as well as the sacred Cave of St Antony, we kindly ask that you remove your shoes. 

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